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TEXO Ventures leads fundraising event for UT Dell Medical School in Austin, TX

Twitter  |  May 28, 2015

Category: General, Healthcare, TEXO GP Publications

TEXO Ventures continues to lead the charge in developing a robust healthcare eco-system in Austin, TX.

Do Entrepreneurs Make the Best VCs?

Austin Business Journal  |  August 22, 2014

Category: General, TEXO GP Publications, Venture Capital

The balance between the responsibility to command subordinates and the accountability of duty to superiors lies at the essence of leadership, but there are no guaranteed prerequisites for being a great leader.

Know the Do’s and Don’ts of Pitch Preparation

Austin Business Journal  |  March 21, 2014

Category: Healthcare, TEXO GP Publications, Venture Capital

No plan survives first contact. This cautionary advice, conceptualized by German Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder in the 19th Century, is passed down to just about everyone who serves in the military. Von Moltke thought it was paramount …

TEXO Ventures Plans $75M-$100M Expansion as Portfolio Progresses

VentureWire  |  February 3, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Sector Specific, TEXO GP Publications, Venture Capital

TEXO Ventures, which has invested $16.5 million while building nine medical startups for the new era in U.S. health care, plans to expand by raising $75 million or more, VentureWire has learned.

New Medical School in Austin is Great for Healthcare Venture Capitalists

Austin Business Journal  |  November 15, 2013

Category: Healthcare, TEXO GP Publications, Venture Capital

For two decades, Austin and its investors and startups have tried to get this city truly into the healthcare game.  It’s been a slow road to bring healthcare up to the level of the area’s hardware and software infrastructure … …

Execution can be as valuable intellectual property as a patent

Austin Business Journal  |  February 22, 2013

Category: TEXO GP Publications

While few people would dispute that patents have played a pivotal role in our economic growth or our propensity to innovate, I would encourage entrepreneurs and investors alike not to become overly fixated on patents alone.

Entrepreneurs, tech can help in chronic disease management

Austin Business Journal  |  April 26, 2012

Category: Sector Specific, TEXO GP Publications

I believe our best hope to meet the many challenges that future generations can expect to face—particularly healthcare—lies with the audacity of entrepreneurs.

Buying a piece of the future

Fiscal Notes  |  February 1, 2012

Category: TEXO GP Publications, Venture Capital

No economy can prosper if it puts barriers in the way of new businesses and the jobs they create. And as you might imagine, the main barrier most budding entrepreneurs face is a lack of money.

Health care ecosystem taking root in Central Texas

Austin Business Journal  |  December 15, 2011

Category: Healthcare, TEXO GP Publications

While many entrepreneurs and investors chase the next Facebook or the promises of clean technology.

Not all investors are created equal

Austin Business Journal  |  May 13, 2011

Category: TEXO GP Publications, Venture Capital

Money is a commodity. Because many will view this claim as provocative, some clarification is in order. For the deals that most investors want to be in, even if they don’t know it yet, money is a commodity because the …