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Going to the doctor will be very different in the not-so-distant future

Business Insider  |  July 7, 2015

Category: Healthcare

Sometime in the not-so-distant future, getting a checkup will be very different.

SwipeSense uses connected devices to bring hand hygiene compliance to 100%

iMedicalApps  |  June 19, 2015

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies

According to groups like the CDC and World Health Organization, a little bit of hand sanitizer can go a long way in combatting hospital acquired infections and the development of drug resistant organisms.

SwipeSense gets $9.6M for hand hygiene tracking system

mobihealthnews  |  June 11, 2015

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Sector Specific, Venture Capital

Smart hand hygiene sensor-maker SwipeSense, based in Evanston, Illinois, has raised $9.6 million according to a new SEC filing. This brings the company’s total funding to $12.1 million. The company raised $1.7 million last May. Previous investors in the company …

TEXO Ventures leads fundraising event for UT Dell Medical School in Austin, TX

Twitter  |  May 28, 2015

Category: General, Healthcare, TEXO GP Publications

TEXO Ventures continues to lead the charge in developing a robust healthcare eco-system in Austin, TX.

Ortho Kinematics Raises $9.6 Million Series C Equity Financing

OrthoSpineNews  |  April 14, 2015

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Venture Capital

Ortho Kinematics‚ Inc. (OKI), a privately held healthcare diagnostics company focused on spine imaging informatics, announced today the close of a $9.6 million Series C equity financing to expand commercialization of the VMA (Vertebral Motion Analysis), the company’s flagship product …

Employers seeing benefits of high-deductible plans

Modern Healthcare  |  March 23, 2015

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific

High-deductible health plans have aided employers in containing healthcare costs without immediately leading to more expensive healthcare needs for patients, new research suggests.

Ante Up! Where I’d Place Healthcare Bets

The Doctor Weighs In  |  November 22, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific, Venture Capital

Here are the five big trends that I believe offer the most opportunity for those smart enough (and lucky enough) to play them the right way.

Don’t Bother Complaining About High-Deductible Health Plans

Harvard Business Review  |  November 13, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific

High-deductible health plans are clearly setting big changes in motion. Here’s how various stakeholders can cope with new realities instead of turning a blind eye …

Most health startups likely to fail because they don’t understand health care payment models

VentureBeat  |  October 25, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific

60 to 70 percent of digital health startups are likely to fail because they are unclear about their go-to market strategy, and don’t have a good understanding of who’s ultimately going to pay for their product.

The Value of Telemedicine

GlobalMed  |  September 26, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific

Telemedicine improves healthcare … 30% decrease in hospital admissions, 60% decrease in doctor visits and 97% of patients are treated within 8 minutes.