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BetterDoctor’s Data Validation Work Helps AHIP Health Plans Comply with Provider Directory Regulations

AHIP  |  March 9, 2017

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies

America’s Insurance Plans released an issue brief today, conducted by the NORC at the University of Chicago, which finds challenges and opportunities to improve provider directories. The brief is an independent evaluation of an AHIP pilot during April-September of 2016 with member …

Untying the knots of capital equipment acquisition

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting  |  February 27, 2017

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Sector Specific

Capital equipment purchasing can be a painful process – for providers and suppliers. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how many projects are pending at one time, or what the status is of each. What’s the budget? Have the clinicians decided …

Digital health companies continue to drive improvements in U.S. healthcare

PE Hub  |  January 11, 2017

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific, Venture Capital

Digital health is on a roll — and that’s the best sign that U.S. healthcare is changing for the better. The marriage of healthcare and digital technology improves patient outcomes, lowers costs and broadens consumers’ access to care.

Insurer’s Flawed Directories Leave Patients Scrambling for In-Network Doctors

NY Times  |  December 3, 2016

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Sector Specific

As consumers review their coverage and shop for 2017 insurance through the federal health law’s online marketplaces during the annual open enrollment period, many of the directories they are using are outdated and inaccurate.

Why direct-to-consumer models are hard in healthcare

Vator News  |  February 29, 2016

Category: Healthcare

Digital healthcare has been a rising space in the last few years, but while the structural and cultural change in the healthtech industry is moving toward B2C, where companies sell directly to the consumer, we’re still in a B2B2C world, …

New bill seeks to remove roadblocks to telehealth

FCW  |  February 3, 2016

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Sector Specific

Lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill today that seeks to expand telehealth services while reducing health care costs.

Using a Tracking System to Improve Infection Control and Patient Outcomes

ICT Magazine  |  January 15, 2016

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Sector Specific

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are among the leading causes of patient disability and mortality as well as financial loss for health care institutions with hundreds of millions of patients affected and the United States losing approximately $6.5 billion annually. Despite efforts …

Hand Hygiene. Redefined.

Becker's Healthcare Review  |  January 15, 2016

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies

SwipeSense transforms the way infection control is managed. We combine point-of-care hand hygiene dispensers, a sensor reporting network for new and existing wall-mounted dispensers, and state-of-the-art informatics.

Fee-For-Value Drives Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Opportunity

TechCrunch  |  January 9, 2016

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific, Venture Capital

One of the main tenets of healthcare reform has been to better align payment/reimbursement schemes to incentivize healthcare providers for achieving improved outcomes and lower cost.

Ortho Kinematics Raises $4 Million in Debt Financing

Yahoo! Finance  |  January 5, 2016

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies, Venture Capital

Ortho Kinematics‚ Inc. (OKI), a privately held healthcare diagnostics company focused on spine imaging informatics, announced today the close of $4 million in debt financing. This financing will be used to strengthen OKI’s cash position, expand US and OUS commercialization …