Articles from January, 2014

Staying Connected … Providers and patients increasingly relying on home-based monitoring

Modern Healthcare  |  January 18, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific

Experts say an explosive growth in the volume of patient-generated health data is inevitable, with patient demand being a key driver. According to Pew Foundation researchers, 21% of Americans already are tracking their health on some kind of an electronic …

Patients’ Cost Skyrocket; Specialists’ Income Soar

NY Times  |  January 18, 2014

Category: Healthcare

Doctors’ charges – and the incentives they reflect – are a major factor in the nation’s $2.7 trillion medical bill.  Payments to doctors in the United States, who make far more than their counterparts in other developed countries, account for …

Health Care IT Funding Nearly Doubles in 2013

eWeek  |  January 17, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific, Venture Capital

The health care IT sector also raised $648 million in debt and public market financing, bringing total corporate funding raised by the sector in 2013 to almost $3 billion.

VC Investing to Health Healthcare

Tech Crunch  |  January 15, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific, Venture Capital

The U.S. healthcare system is sick, but increasingly early stage investors are spending money on new technology companies they believe can help provide a cure.

5 Insights from Digital Health CEOs at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

MEDCITY News  |  January 14, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Sector Specific

In a discussion between health IT company CEOs at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference, some of the most interesting points raised were the ones the healthcare industry is struggling with the most.

EmployerDirect Launches New Website

Bloomberg Businessweek  |  January 8, 2014

Category: Healthcare, Portfolio Companies

EmployerDirect, a leader in value-based healthcare that helps large, self-insured employers provide transparency around the quality and cost of their employees’ planned medical procedures, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Web site at