Our Healthcare Industry is Sick.

  • 75% of Healthcare

    expenditure in the US is due to chronic disease.

  • 1 out of 2 adults

    of adults in the US suffer from at least one chronic disease.

  • Half the US Population

    is covered by employer-sponsored health plans

  • 18% of the U.S. GDP

    is attributed to healthcare costs. This is equal to federal taxes.

  • Preventable Deaths

    occur in the US each year due to medical error.

  • The Supreme Court

    recently ruled to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Innovation is the Cure

  • Invention creates solutions, but innovation solves problems.  We partner with innovative entrepreneurs … entrepreneurs with the audacity to address persistent pain within healthcare by leveraging advances in technology and business models to decrease utilization, increase access, improve quality and reduce the cost of care.

  • “The US healthcare system is on a dangerous path, with a toxic combination of high costs, uneven quality, frequent errors, and limited access to care … Innovation is the only  long-term solution to high-quality, affordable health care.”

    Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg

  • “Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship.  The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”

    Peter Drucker

  • “The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams.”

    Arthur Porter


Technology Enabled Health Services

We only invest in the “business” of healthcare with a specific focus on innovative companies that operate at the convergence of Health IT and Health Services. These Technology-Enabled Health Services typically implement recurring revenue models, require less capital to commercialize, are more highly scalable and have fewer regulatory hurdles.

Texo Innovators

  • Alafair

    Alafair is developing a proprietary composite, dual-functioning material to provide improved anti-adhesive biomaterial barriers that aid in wound healing and the modulation of the inflammatory response.